Prince William has gone years without wearing a wedding ring, and his lack of the traditional piece of jewelry hasn't been unnoticed! While William and Kate Middleton were wed in 2011 and the couple have been happily married since, at no point has William been photographed wearing a ring.

But as Hello! shares, there's a reasonable explanation for why William doesn't wear a wedding ring. As it turns out, it simply comes down to a matter of personal preference. That's because the Duke of Cambridge doesn't like to wear jewelry of any kind... and wedding rings are no exception! 

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William not the only male in royal family to forgo wedding ring

Prince William had actually communicated his desire to opt out of wearing a wedding ring not long before the ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey. The news was then confirmed through a statement on behalf of St. James' Palace. However, William is not the only royal to go without jewelry even after marriage!

Prince Philip has been married to Queen Elizabeth II for 70 years, but he's never once worn a wedding ring. On the other hand, William's father Prince Charles and brother Prince Harry both do wear wedding rings. Charles' ring is a classic gold band, while Harry opted for something more modern, choosing a platinum band.

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William's wife Kate wears wedding ring made from gold mine

Prince William may not wear a ring, but his wife Kate certainly does! As Hello! mentions, Kate's wedding ring is made out of gold that was taken from the Clogau St David's mine at Bontddu in north Wales.

The Clogau St David's mine is notable for having been used in several royal wedding bands. Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother, and Princess Diana all had their rings fashioned out of gold from the mine! In 1986, the mine presented the queen with a new supply of gold, which is what was eventually used in the fashioning of Kate's ring.