Prince Philip died on April 9 at the age of 99. He was laid to rest following a moving funeral service in Windsor one week later. During his lifetime, the Duke of Edinburgh had many employees with whom he got along well. But changes are likely to come their way after Prince Philip's passing.

Prince Philip's employees at the Palace: What happens now

Prince Philip's relationship with his employees was so close that some of them received a great honour at his funeral on April 17. His personal protection officer, his private secretary, and two valets were allowed to take part in the funeral procession and follow the hearse, just as Philip's family did.

However, Buckingham Palace has not yet commented on the future of the employees. The Royal expert Richard Kay of Daily Mail has speculated that many of the longer-term employees will retire. For the others, there are likely new tasks on the agenda that they will carry out for the Palace in the future.

For now, Queen Elizabeth II is remaining away from the Palace, instead at Windsor Castle. She turned 95 years old today and in her birthday message thanked all who have sent her "support and kindness" following the Royal Family's loss. Prince Harry has now also returned home to California after the funeral and mourning with his family, and Prince Charles has retreated to Wales.

Queen Elizabeth II visiting Somerset


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