• Prince Harry and Meghan seem to have a lot of money
  • They surrendered royal funding back in 2020
  • Here's how they still make millions today 

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan left the Royal Family some time ago, a move which involved giving up all economic privileges.

Today, they live in a large mansion in California, surrounded by celebrities. They pay for security and everything else they could possibly want.

Which leaves a big question: Where do they get all the money they need to live this lifestyle? Here we'll tell you.

Harry and Meghan aren't on Charles's payroll any longer

As working royals, they received 95% of their income through Harry's father, then Prince Charles.

When they left their duties in 2020, Charles gave them a substantial amount to support their independence.

The Sussexes created an entertainment company, Archewell Productions, where they produce shows in a multimillion dollar deal with Netflix. They also do podcasts for Spotify.

From the Royal Family to Netflix, Spotify, and...

Meghan published a children's book called The Bench in 2021. Harry will publish an autobiography titled Spare, for which he was paid $20 million.

Harry also received part of a £13 million sum when his mother, Princess Diana, passed away. Harry told Oprah that without it, he would have been unable to fund his move.

Also interesting:

Harry is also suspected to have inherited millions of pounds from his great-grandmother, The Queen Mother.

Finally, Duchess Meghan was paid $50,000 per episode of Suits, which ran for over 100 episodes...

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