• Prince George and Princess Charlotte are royal offspring
  • George and Charlotte haven't taken interest in social media
  • William talks about managing George's screen time

Prince William and Duchess Kate's children are no longer that small. 8-year-old Prince George and 6-year-old Princess Charlotte are even allowed to accompany their parents to several engagements, including the recent memorial service of William's great-grandfather, Prince Philip. Although they are still a little too young for social media, this will soon become interesting for the royal offspring.

George and Charlotte allowed to use social media as royals?

Will William and Kate even allow Charlotte, George, and Louis to log into social media in the future? The answer clearly seems to be no! As an insider explained to US Weekly, not only do William and Kate want their kids to grow up "down-to-earth," they also want them to grow up without the internet. "[They keep them] well away from social media," according to the insider.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the start of school in 2019

At the moment, Charlotte in particular seems to be paying no attention to the internet. She is said to be very interested in reading, studying, and acting, according to the source. "Whenever she gets a chance, she’ll put on a performance!" according to the insider. Prince William has also suggested that Charlotte likes to draw attention to herself.

With Prince George, on the other hand, social media could pose a danger. The little heir to the throne already seems to have problems with screen time, as he likes to play video games. His parents are therefore very careful that their son does not spend too long in front of the device, according to William at an event, as The Telegraph reports.

Prince William has to monitor George's screen time

"At the moment it's trying to regulate the gaming... monitoring screen time. Got to be careful of that," the queen's grandson warned. Surely, an interest in social media will also develop over time, but how Kate and William will deal with it is uncertain. After all, other rules apply as a royal, so therefore it won't be so easy for their children to maintain a social media account.

William and Kate themselves have an official Instagram account where they regularly post, but there are hardly any private insights there. Other royals deal with social media very differently. Princess Eugenie, for example, also likes to post personal snapshots from excursions with her son August.

Also interesting:

She is one of the few British royals to run her own account, which could be because she is currently only twelfth in line for the British throne. Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry also once had an Instagram account for professional and charitable purposes, but it is unlikely that they would create their own personal profiles.