• The British royal family is among the most watched in the world
  • Every so often there are rivalries among family members
  • Here are some of the most historic rivalries in the palace

The brothers have had public disagreements in recent years, including differences over Harry's role in the royal family and his decision to move to America and everything that followed. The entire royal circus has become international cannon fodder for the press, and everyone who follows the royal family.

British royals are no strangers to conflict

But the two brothers are not alone, because although they are the most popular, there can be tension between any pair of royals.  In fact, all throughout British history, there have been tales of backstabbing, betrayal, distrust, and vitriol between royal members. Let's go back in time and look at a few.

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Queen Anne and Lady Marlborough Lady Marlborough were one of Queen Anne's ladies-in-waiting, but her influence over the queen and her relationship with her deteriorated when Lady Marlborough attempted to interfere in the political affairs of the kingdom...

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