We now know when the last episodes of Criminal Minds will start airing on CBS. The 15th season of the series will air every Wednesday starting from January 8 and the final season has ten episodes in total. On February 19th 2020, fans will have to say farewell to Criminal Minds for good.

Criminal Minds Season 15: What we know so far

What we know so far about the new season of Criminal Minds is that the first episode will be a two-hour premiere. The story of the new season picks up about six months after the events of the season 14 finale, as showrunner Erica Messer revealed in an interview with TVGuide. The season 14 finale shocked the audience with a plot twist: "J.J." admitted that she had feelings for "Reid".

According to Messer, that revelation will definitely be dealt with in the first two episodes. The main villain of the season is also introduced at the beginning. It will be "Chameleon" - the criminal, who the 'B.A.U.' and especially "Rossi" (Joe Mantegna) was trying hunt down in season 14, is played by Michael Mosley (41).

"Mike Moseley did such an amazing job with that episode, and we just felt like that was a worthy adversary, especially given how he really shocked and rocked 'Rossi's' world. We pick up with 'Rossi's' obsession in catching him in the final ten, and then that will play throughout, which is, you know, not a usual thing for us.", Erica Messer explained to TVGuide.

Why did 'Criminal Minds' come to an end?

The Real Reason 'Criminal Minds' Was Cancelled

The cast for Criminal Minds Season 15

Aisha Tyler (49), who plays "Dr. Tara Lewis" has already revealed that the series finale will be quite explosive. Not only will the hunt for "Chameleon" create tension, the return of another character could also bring some problems with them. "Reid's" mother, played by Jane Lynch (59), will be appearing in the final season, according to Messer.

We don't know yet which other characters will return for Criminal Minds season 15. Fans are still hoping, however, that former cast members like Shemar Moore (49) (AKA "Derek Morgan") could make a comeback. After his exit in the 11th season, he's already returned several times for guest appearances.  

Criminal Minds Season 15: Rachael Leigh Cook joins the cast

A new character will also join the Criminal Minds universe: Rachael Leigh Cook will star as "Max" in the 15th season. According to TVLine, her presence could stir things up for "J.J.", because "Reid" will supposedly develop feelings for her.

The two-hour finale of Criminal Minds will be broadcast on February 18, 2020. Stay tuned until then!

Why did 'Criminal Minds' come to an end?

The Real Reason 'Criminal Minds' Was Cancelled