You will be pleasantly surprised by how mindbending and addictive Netflix's Dark is! This highly well-recieved sci-fi thriller is Netflix's first major German production and it sure holds up. Dark has everything a good sci-fi needs: time travel, complicated and brilliantly intertwining plots, power-hungry scientists, and a truly terrifying soundtrack. This is how Dark is being received.

Dark Series Review

The German production of Dark revolves around a small town named "Winden" twisted in time and twisted in relationships that affect not only the future but also the past. 

The exciting plot also brings the viewer along with important questions about humanity, right vs. wrong, and whether everything is pre-determined. None of which are easy concepts to take on but Dark has handled them masterfully.

Lisa Vicari and Moritz Jahn in the Netflix series "Dark" 

Dark on Netflix: Critics Lift Series To First Place Of In-House Production Category

Rotten Tomatoes has showered Netflix's Dark with pretty great reviews. In May 2020, the series was voted the best Netflix in-house production by over 2.5 million users on Netflix! Rotten Tomatoes "Tomatometer" ranked the show with a rare 95/100 score!

IMDb has also received Dark well. With over 200,000 reviews in multiple languages, Dark earned a whopping 8.8/10! Henriette Rodenwald from Germany's highlights the fantastic production.

Dark's Criticism Is Positive And Emphasizes Quality Of The Script

In Henriette's review of Netflix's Dark, she praised the work of director Baran bo Odar and screenwriter Jantje Friese. She explains that the plot reveals enough to build tension but not too much at once to keep the viewers thrilled and enticed.

In the Netflix series "Dark", young people try to solve the secrets that revolve around their place

Henrietta says "A few degrees darker than the American hit series [Stranger Things]" and "The 1980s bright colors and pop music [make] a threatening aftertaste in Dark."

Dark Is Positively Review Outside of Germany Too

The Dark criticism internationally is also positive. A spokeswoman for Netflix told Promipool that for season 1 "nine out of ten viewers came from abroad. This also applies to season 2 - 93 percent of the viewers of season 1 & 2 are not from Germany."

The New York Times wrote that Dark "could herald a new era in the German TV landscape." Most viewers did not even change the dubbing but simply watched the series with subtitles. Indiewire said "The greatest trick nested withing Dark is what it manages to make inevitable. Even before the third and final season of the German-language Netflix sci-fi time travel epic, each new wrinkle has arrived with a shock, but also with the storytelling confidence that this is always how it would unfold."

The cast of the series "Dark"

The challenging and exciting plot is perfectly implemented by the incredible cast. Sometimes very little is said but their expressions and demeanor say more than hours of verbal explanation could do. The actors are made up of young talents and a few well-known actors who stage their complicated roles beautifully. A few are even portrayed at different ages and have to adjust their behavior to portray each other. Meet the cast here!