The characters in the smash-hit series Dark offer deep and well-thought-out quotes revolving around the meaning of life. The dialogues between the characters go deeper than typical TV banter. Since many quotes may be lost behind the exciting plot, here are some of the most memorable statements.

Dark Series Quotes

"It's all a matter of origin. Where is the beginning? When is the beginning? Is there a beginning at all? The world is full of such paradoxes. We just decide to look away most of the time." 

The series often takes on the question of the beginning of life and then the consideration of the extent to which our path is self-determined or pre-determined.

'Dark': Netflix Cast, Meet the Stars

Dark Series Quotes On Fate

Many of Dark's quotes suggest that free will does not in fact exist and that the course of life is predetermined. The show said:

"There is no such thing as a coincidence. Every way is predetermined. Everything happens when it has to. In the right place at the right time. As if the carpet of the world were a network of infinite threads. Everyone in their place. But very few of us know where our journey is going."

The series also focuses on the cycle of life and it is said that "not only does the past [influence] the future, but the future also influences the past."

Dark Series Quotes On Time

Time is a crucial concept in Dark, because "time is always with you. No matter where you are, you carry it within you and it carries you. She sees and hears everything you do or speak."

Once time ends for a human, there is death - Dark also offers a fitting explanation of death: "And time is not merciful. We are born and our life is already flowing like the grains in this hourglass. Death is always inevitable before us. Our fate: nothing but a chain of cause and effect."

Netflix's Dark Praised

Countless quotes revealed in Netflix's Dark are choc-full of connections to the life of the individual. It reminds us, viewers, that not only is there individual fate but also everything is intertwined with fellow human beings.

"There are moments in life when you have to understand that the decisions you make do not only concern your own fate." Ultimately, Dark sees "Life [as] a collection of missed opportunities."

In the Netflix series "Dark", young people try to solve the secrets that revolve around their place

Dark and the profound quotes it brings have been very well received internationally. Although the series ended after 3 seasons, it is still in the top ten series in the world at the moment on Netflix. 

It is frequently compared with another hit Netflix series Stranger Things so we compiled a side by side comparison of the similarities and differences between the two to decide for yourself if they are the same or not.

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The Stars of the Twisted Hit

'Dark': Netflix Cast, Meet the Stars

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