• Critics believe The Crown is dangerously inaccurate
  • The Netflix royal series debuts season 5 this month
  • Princess Diana actress Elizabeth Debicki has spoken out

The fifth season of The Crown is arriving soon on Netflix. For the first time, Elizabeth Debicki takes on the role of Princess Diana. Ahead of the premiere, the show has faced criticism.

Why critics are attacking The Crown before season 5

For example, former UK Prime Minister Sir John Major described elements of the series as a "barrel-load of nonsense."

Dame Judi Dench also previously called for a "fiction" warning for the new episodes – which Netflix has agreed to do. Star Elizabeth Debicki, however, doesn't understand all the fuss.

Princess Diana actress Elizabeth Debicki defends The Crown

In an interview with The Guardian, Debicki explains: "I understand what the show is, and what it's trying to do. I also understand the reaction to it.

"I think this is a period of time that's been told many times over and will continue to be told, and I know the degree of care and respect people enter into these stories with."

Also interesting:

"I mean, it is clearly fictional," Debicki adds. "I never watched The Crown and thought, this is a documentary, or this is obviously true."

The new season of The Crown focuses primarily on the failing marriage of Princess Diana and the former Prince Charles.

This will be followed by a final season, which will see the series jump into the 2000s.