• Broadway sometimes adapts Hollywood movies
  • There are some famous screen to stage adaptations
  • Watch our video on the best ones!

You're probably more used to hearing about stage shows getting adapted for the screen. But many Hollywood projects have also been adapted to the stage, whether it be in New York City or in London.

From Screen to Stage

Here are some fantastic screen to stage adaptations! Let's start with Disney musicals. Most of the animated classics from the Disney “Renaissance” of the 1990s have gotten a Broadway makeover in the past few decades. 

From Screen To Stage

These include: The Little Mermaid. Having been released in 1989, as the first of these animated films, The Little Mermaid was third in becoming “part of Broadway’s world” in 2008, nearly 20 years after the original. The production starred Sierra Boggess in the starring role of “Ariel”. 

Also interesting:

Watch the video for more phantasmagorical stage adaptations!