Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid are always sparring and today Susanna felt compelled to call Piers out! At the start of the show, he was caught coughing and Susanna demanded answers.

Good Morning Britain Susanna Reid Questions Pier Morgan's Health

During the opening of Good Morning Britain, the nation's angriest man Piers Morgan suffered a questionable coughing fit which would regularly be brushed aside but during the COVID-19 pandemic, his co-star Susanna Reid demanded answers. 

Susanna prodded Piers with "Can I just ask, because our viewers will want a health check, there was a little cough during the headlines..." Piers, who was clearly thrown off shouted in response: "You are allowed to cough without it actually being the end of the world!"

Cheeky Susanna continued asking anyway, "Are you okay?" to which Piers alleged, "I had a frog in my throat!" Susanna hilariously responded with "That's good because if you needed a test you'd probably be sent all over the country for it!"

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid On Fat-shaming

Susanna and Piers could not help themselves by reading a column by Piers wife Celia Walden "fat-shaming" her husband, "I have no issue with my husband's GMB co-host calling him a 'chubster' on live television. He, like me, is of the belief that a little bit of fat-shaming where it's due can be a good thing, and there's something shameful about the amount of blue cheese and Bordeaux that man's put away over the past six months." 

Piers confirmed, "Like a lot of people through lockdown, especially when you bust your ankle up, I have! I'm carrying too much weight. I am carrying too much weight. I reckon I put on at least half a stone, three-quarters of a stone. I need to be fat-shamed to get it off." Susanna responded with "Yes, you fat person. Lose the weight! I mean its about time chubster!" She and Piers disagree over whether fat-shaming is necessary, Susanna is of the mindset that proper advice and care is more efficient than fat-shaming and insults, which Piers believe is the better way.

Luckily, Piers is COVID-19 free and just a bit heavier than the pandemic started!

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Piers Morgan and Celia Walden Robbed While They Slept!