Grey's Anatomy finally delivered the reunion that fans had been wanting to see all season, and many emotions came along with it! In season 17, episode 10— titled "Breathe"— Chyler Leigh's "Lexie Grey" and Eric Dane's "Mark Sloan"— make a surprise return to chat with Ellen Pompeo's "Meredith Grey".

Grey's Anatomy reunites "Meredith" with her half-sister

Grey's Anatomy starts things off with "Meredith" sitting on the beach before "Lexie" appears and hands her a towel— the promo scene that was teased last week. "Meredith" is excited to see her half-sister, and "Lexie" smiles at her. In the real world, "Meredith" is still hooked up to a ventilator. "Webber" says that while her oxygen requirements are said to be decreasing, there is a shortage of ventilators at the hospital. He suggests using alternative options, such as hyperbaric chambers.

"Lexie" and "Meredith" sit side by side talking about the beach. Suddenly, "Mark" shows up to join them! He tells "Meredith" that it's "too early" to stay on the beach. Meredith mentions that she keeps seeing "Derek," and "Mark" tells her that it's up to her to get back. "Meredith" comments on "Lexie" and "Mark" being together, and as she watches the couple splash around in the water together, she says that she likes it there.

"Lexie" encourages "Meredith" to celebrate being alive

"Owen" is shown texting "Cristina" after she asks for an update on "Meredith's" status. She requests that "Mark" send her pictures of "Meredith's" vitals. "Mark" says that it's nice just being able to talk to "Meredith". He mentions that he watches the people he cares about as they start to lose their grasp on life, and encourages them to stay. Then, he and "Meredith" spin around on a merry-go-round.

Later on in the episode, "Lexie" asks "Meredith" to tell her what her favourite thing about life is while the two sit on some swings. "Meredith" is hesitant to answer at first, explaining that because of the pandemic, she feels guilty for being asked to talk about herself. "If having a life and a body isn't cause for celebration, then what's the point of avoiding death?" "Lexie" asks.

"Meredith" decides to talk about "Bailey's" recent birthday, smiling as she recalls the happy memory involving her kids and friends. "Lexie" even gives her a few pushes on the swing! It's a scene that appears to be a sign of better days to come, as the decision is made to take "Meredith" off the ventilator now that her vitals have returned to normal.

'Grey's Anatomy' Cast

"Lexie" and "Mark" have a moving talk with "Meredith"

"Lexie", and "Mark" in a field of flowers with "Meredith," who lists the many people she's lost. "Mark" asks "Meredith" why she grieves her losses— a question she admits she doesn't want to answer. "The depth of grief that you felt with all the losses? It's because of the depth of love," "Lexie" tells "Meredith," giving an incredibly moving speech. She and "Mark" both tell "Meredith" not to waste her life.

The doctors rejoice seeing that "Meredith" is off the ventilator, and "Owen" reveals that she is now breathing on her own! Could this episode have also teased a possible reunion between "Meredith" and "Cristina"— who she refers to as her "person"— in the future? Time will tell who else "Meredith" will reunite with, as next episode will hopefully see her make a return to the world of the living!