Grey's Anatomy left us off with more than a few cliff hangers from the season 16 finale. Now the showrunners have decided to take on the Coronavirus pandemic and have the series start-up "a month and a half into full COVID." How will this big leap in time affect our storylines?

Grey's Anatomy: The Storylines Affected By COVID Time Jump

The Grey's Anatomy showrunners have confirmed that the Coronavirus pandemic will be the main topic of season 17 so instead of picking up where season 16 ended, the show will start months into the pandemic. This means questions from season 16 have already been answered and fans will have to figure out what happened in the meantime or hope for flashbacks!

For example, "Dr. Amelia Shepherd" and "Atticus 'Link' Lincoln" had their baby but had not decided on a name yet. So by the time the show airs the baby will already have been named and we will have to figure out how. 

"Meredith's" Love Triangle

Then, of course, there is the tense unresolved love triangle between "Meredith Grey," "Andrew DeLuca," and "Cormac Hayes." Ellen Pompeo's "Meredith" felt abandoned by Giacomo Gianniotti's "DeLuca" who left to take care of his mental health unbeknownst to "Meredith" and was getting extra attention from "Hayes" played by handsome Richard Flood. The show will have to explain where "DeLuca" is, with "Meredith" or possibly his sister "Dr. Carina DeLuca" who stars in Station 19. Who will "Meredith" choose?

"Meredith Grey" - Ellen Pompeo 

"Teddy's" Affair, And the Other Couples

Their love triangle isn't the only one that left us on the edge last season. "Teddy" and "Dr. Owen Hunt" were set to get married but "Dr. Hunt" found out about "Teddy's" affair with her ex "Dr. Tom Koracick" when she left an accidental voicemail so he postponed the ceremony. But now almost 2 months later, "Teddy" will have had to have figured out that "Owen" knows about the truth. We will not be able to see the immediate aftermath but the fallout later. Since most weddings have been postponed due to the virus, we'll have to assume we won't be seeing the two walk down the aisle just yet.

"Richard" and "Dr. Catherine Fox" had almost fully given up their marriage last season but "Catherine" had a change of heart when he was recovering from surgery. Tragically for her, "Richard" did not. Will the pandemic help change his mind?

"Dr. Maggie Pierce" had sparks with "Dr. Winston" at a medical conference and was told that he would move to Seattle. Unfortunately, when "Maggie's" father became ill, her possible relationship was put on hold. Will they be together when the series starts back up?

Then we will have to see if each Grey's Anatomy doctor will be quarantining alone or with their families, if they have to wear protective gear, and if any of the medical staff catches the virus!

The cast of 'Grey's Anatomy'


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