Grey's Anatomy has once again made a progressive choice in its newest season. The series has included characters who are part of the LGBTQ+ community as well as actors from all imaginable ethnic backgrounds, and now introduces a recurring non-binary character— the show's first.

Grey's Anatomy casts non-binary actor as doctor "Kai"

As Variety first reported, E.R. Fightmaster has joined Grey's Anatomy as the non-binary character "Dr. Kai Bartley". Like "Kai," Fightmaster is non-binary in real life, which means that they do not identify as either male or female, instead using the gender-neutral pronouns "they/them".

Fightmaster was already featured in an episode of season 18. Now, it has been announced that the character "Kai” will be part of the show's recurring cast. This makes Fightmaster's inclusion on the show even more significant, since there has never been a non-binary doctor featured on Grey's Anatomy.

E.R. Fightmaster shares a selfie on Instagram on May 13, 2020.

Season 18 of Grey's Anatomy began airing on September 30. The season premiere not only saw Peter Gallagher join the cast as "Dr. Alan Hamilton," it also featured the surprise return of Scott Speedman, who previously appeared in the hit medical drama as "Nick Marsh". Fans of the show will be seeing more of all these characters when the show returns on November 11!