Grey's Anatomy is back after a three-month hiatus, and the show has already shocked fans by killing off a beloved character in the midseason premiere! The intense episode— titled "Helplessly Hoping"— is the second part of a crossover event with Station 19, and opens with Giacomo Gianniotti's "DeLuca" in critical condition.

"DeLuca" suffers cardiac trauma after stabbing

Grey's Anatomy's winter finale ended with "Meredith's" life on the line, leaving her hooked up to a ventilator and fans concerned. However, since the midseason premiere was heavily focused on trying to save "DeLuca," her fate is currently still unknown. Picking up from where the midseason premiere of Station 19 left off, it's explained that "DeLuca" was stabbed after he successfully managed to stop a sex trafficker.

While "Andrew" wants to be one of the surgeons helping to operate on "DeLuca,' "Owen" insists that he get "Altman" to help. "Owen" and "Altman" then work together to perform a sternotomy on "DeLuca," discovering that he has suffered a hemothorax. "DeLuca's" sister "Carina" is extremely worried about her brother, and relieved when, halfway through the episode, she's told that he has pulled through.

Giacomo Gianniotti attends ABC x POPSUGAR Present ANATOMY OF AN ICON: 15 Seasons Of Grey's Anatomy on September 20, 2018.

"DeLuca" and "Meredith" scenes foreshadow fate

"Meredith" only appears in the episode in a few scenes where she's on the beach, which is the result of her coronavirus-induced hallucinations. Over the course of the season, the show has seen former cast members return to join her there. However, this time it is "DeLuca" who "Meredith" sees on the beach, as he struggles to stay alive in the hospital.

The two share several meaningful moments together, as "DeLuca" tells "Meredith" he doesn't have any regrets about risking his life to stop the sex trafficker. He talks about how horrible acts are committed in the world that people just ignore, and says putting himself out there just "made sense."

He also tells "Meredith" that she saw him like no one else had before, and made him his "best self but better." While he is still alive at this moment, "DeLuca" alludes to the fact that he might not have long left as the tide comes in. "I had more to do, I had plans," he says while attempting to build a sandcastle.

"DeLuca" becomes Grey's Anatomy's latest casualty

"DeLuca" is expected to recover after being operated on, but his condition suddenly takes a turn for the worse when he becomes tachycardic. Once again, "Altman" is called upon to help perform surgery on "DeLuca". It is also at this point that "Richard" informs "Bailey" something has happened to the doctor.

Despite the fact that all hands are on deck to try and save "DeLuca," his internal injuries are tragically too severe, as his heart has been stopped for 40 minutes. The episode ends with "DeLuca" running to reunite with his mother on the beach, as he is pronounced dead in the operating room— a devastating moment for both the show's doctors and fans alike.