Grey's Anatomy dealt with multiple storylines this week, but they all addressed a common element— the overwhelming impact that the coronavirus crisis has had on patients and doctors alike. The winter finale, titled "No Time for Despair," sees Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients when "surge capacity protocol" is activated, causing the hospital cafeteria to turn into a COVID patient care centre overnight.

"Meredith" bonds with "Koracick" over coronavirus

In the meantime, "Meredith" has finally come out of her coma— news which has "Maggie" in high spirits! She calls her boyfriend "Winston" to share the news, and even tells a coronavirus patient that "Meredith" has regained consciousness. "Bailey" is still recovering from the unexpected loss she experienced in the previous episode, unwilling to put herself in the coronavirus crossfire because she doesn't want her kids to lose a mother as well as a grandmother.

"Meredith" seems to be on the road to recovery, regaining her vitals now that she's awake again, and inquiring about how her patients are doing. She and "Koracick" share physical contact for a brief moment, and joke about having become coronavirus patients while being in their positions as doctors— just moments before "Meredith" sees that another COVID patient has died. 

Later on in the episode, "Maggie" and "Amelia" have an emotional conversation that sees "Maggie" address the oversexualization of Black women and girls. She becomes emotional about how this problem is constantly overlooked, pointing out that if COVID-19 had disproportionately impacted white people the way it has Black people, then it would be taken much more seriously.

Grey's winter finale sees emotions and stakes run high

"Bailey" and "DeLuca" also end up having a heart to heart! "Bailey" tells him that she took his advice to leave, screaming into a pillow to help her cope with her mom’s death. "DeLuca" talks about various ways he’s seen people memorialize their loved ones, and "Bailey" also says she’s proud to see him looking after his own mental health, as he makes sure to take medications, stay well-rested, and set boundaries for himself.

Meanwhile, "Meredith" hears a code blue alarm go off and becomes worried about a patient. She decides to leave her quarantine bedrest in order to jump in to help— much to the concern of the other doctors present. Immediately afterwards though, Meredith collapses, her condition rapidly worsening following her bold act. 

The episode ends with "Meredith" hooked up to a ventilator, with COVID-19 returning her to unconsciousness— and the beach she’s been visiting in her mind! It will be a while before fans find out if "Meredith" will pull through and who might show up to visit her next though, since Grey's Anatomy is on hiatus until March 4!

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