Since Disney pulled their content from Netflix to create their own streaming site, Netflix partnered up with the famous children's channel Nickelodeon to produce content for their younger viewers and Mario Lopez' new show is the first project to come out!

Mario Lopez attends "The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia" cast & crew screening at NETFLIX on February 03, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Mario Lopez Creating Content for the Latinx Viewers

Along with One Day at a Time and Gentefied, Netflix is really making waves and opening doors for Latinx productions and viewers alike. The newly released show The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia is one of many new Netflix productions to make way for the Latinx audiences and we can't wait to get a taste!

The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia Production Stills, 2020.

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Mario Lopez made his new comedy series about a young brilliant Mexican-American moving across the country to be closer to NASA, so not only is she a proud Hispanic, she is also a literal GENIUS! 

Watch the trailer here!