Michael Weatherly really has NCIS on his mind these days. The "Tony DiNozzo" actor, who hasn't been on NCIS since 2016, has been teasing fans recently with hints at a possible comeback.

Now, Weatherly settled in for some TV time this weekend and watched one of his old NCIS episodes. He posted a clip on Twitter and even gave a shoutout to a few former co-stars.

Michael Weatherly watched NCIS and had message for stars

On Twitter, Weatherly wrote to his fans: "This morning with my coffee, tired of crazy news and a shocking lack of understanding in the world, I came across this rerun with Dad… and it made me happy."

By "dad," he means his NCIS father "Anthony DiNozzo Sr.," played by Robert Wagner. "Love to all and especially Senior," Weatherly wrote. "And the perfect (Sean Murray), of course," he added, tagging the "McGee" actor on Twitter.

As for the episode: it's a scene of "McGee" and "Tony" watching his father in a skirmish. "McGee" tells "Tony" to not give up hope, and Weatherly's character quips: "I gave up hope when he started dating girls younger than me, and that was the late '80s."

The scene appears to come from the season 9 episode "Sins of the Father," which was one of Wagner's early appearances as the elder "DiNozzo."

As usual, fans stormed the comment section with hopes of a "Tony" comeback this season on NCIS. And it's not just a pipe dream. Weatherly has been posting NCIS content on his Twitter page non-stop for several months now.

The show is in season 19 and it's currently on hiatus over the holidays. It's still not confirmed, but fans just might get their Christmas wish — a "Tony" comeback — when the show returns in the new year.