Maria Bello is leaving NCIS after four years with the series. The actress is expected to appear as "Jack Sloane" for the last time when the next NCIS episode airs on March 2. With the exit of the Special Agent, there's speculation that her replacement is already set to debut — and fans think they know who it is.

NCIS: "Jack Sloane" exiting — Is this her replacement?

As Cheat Sheet reports, many NCIS fans are certain that Bello's co-star Wilmer Valderrama hinted at the successor for "Sloane" last month. In an Instagram post, the "Nick Torres" actor shared a snapshot with fellow actor Zane Holtz, introducing him to NCIS fans.

The caption read: "Together again, ladies & gentlemen... meet Federal Agent Sawyer.. @zaneholtz, welcome to the #NCIS Team... long way from Dusk and Vampires." So, the NCIS team still appears primed to welcome a new member in the near future.

As Valderrama referenced, the pair previously co-starred on From Dusk Till Dawn and Vampires Suck — and they'll do so once again on NCIS, though Holtz hasn't debuted as "Sawyer" just yet. 

For that reason, it's not surprising that fans believe they've got the replacement for "Sloane" set to make a big splash in the coming episodes. Maria Bello is only signed through eight episodes this season, and Episode 8 will air next, on March 2.

Valderrama, who may have revealed the replacement character, is also going to be a first-time father when his fiancée gives birth this year.


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