It star Sophia Lillis portrays a 17-year-old in the throes of puberty trying to fit in and be 'normal' while questioning her sexuality and at the same time realizing she might have telekinetic powers. Yikes! Just when you thought high school wasn't tough enough. Find out more about the Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This below... 

'I Am Not Okay With This': Netflix Debuts Trailer For New Series From 'Stranger Things' Producers

It Star Sophia Lillis Tackles Puberty and Powers in New Show

I Am Not Okay With This does a beautiful job of not making the budding superpower the focus of the show. It still is centered around 17-year-old "Sydney" going through what most of us do anyway.

Still from the new Netflix series 'I Am Not Okay With This.'

"Sydney" tries to understand her sexuality without hurting the feelings of her male neighbor or best friend and crush "Dina", cope with the loss of her veteran father, make sense of her emotions, and keep her new power a secret.

It is tense, funny, and exciting, a great detour from the typical teen drama plot. Check out the trailer here: