Netflix has a flurry of new international series! 

Netflix Taking On A Brazilian Show

The show takes place in a neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil known for having a huge Japanese Population. Actually the biggest Japanese population outside of Japan! The town is being infiltrated by unearthly spirits and an evil force that is bringing back the dead. Unfortunately for the innocents caught in the story, the dead crave revenge for the mistakes of the cities past.

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Created by Emmy nominated Douglas Petrie, writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Horror Story: Coven and producer of the hit series Daredevil, Spectros is guaranteed to haunt viewers!

The show is starring newcomers Cláudia Okuno and Mariana Sena, adorable 12-year-old Enzo Barone and handsome Danilo Mesquita and Nicolas Trevijano. This group of teenagers are thrown into a terrifying supernatural world and forced to band together to fight off the strange terrors around them!

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If you like to get spooked and are hungry for a new series, be sure to check it out! It is in Portuguese but do not worry, Netflix has provided English Dubbing and subtitles if needed. Catch the cast behind the scenes here!

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