• The Crown star Elizabeth Debicki plays Diana
  • In real life she looks very different
  • The fans don't recognize her

The Crown actress Elizabeth Debicki (32) is an Australian actress who has only become a Hollywood star in recent years.

The Crown star Elizabeth Debicki is not recognized by fans

Her first major role was as "Jordan Baker" in The Great Gatsby in 2013. She then made a name for herself with the series The Night Manager. She became internationally known above all with the blockbuster Tenet, in which she took on the female lead. 

While Debicki wears a short blonde wig in her role as Lady Diana (†36), in real life she has long blonde hair, as you can see in the video.

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In an interview with The Guardian she reveals that this is probably one of the reasons why she is so rarely recognized by fans. For The Crown, Debicki had to stay in her role longer as filming dragged on. In the meantime, she has unconsciously adopted some of Diana's mannerisms, as she has often been told on set. 

"You know, I did something the other day on set and someone went, God, you’re so like her! And I went, I’m not even doing it anymore. Where is the line? I’ve lost the line. But that’s understandable, because I’ve been in this for a long time," she tells The Guardian.

The actress portraying Diana reveals just how fictional the show really is. You can watch the new season of The Crown on Netflix today.