• The Midnight Club is a new spooky series
  • The show can be seen on Netflix
  • THIS record was broken in the first episode

The Midnight Club is a new series that completely terrifies its viewers. The special thing about the Netflix series is the jump scares, which have broken records on the number of scares it has in the first episode.

A jump scare is a sudden sequence of images with loud music or noises to frighten the viewer.

The Midnight Club: Breaks a jump scare world record

There are a whopping 21 of these jump-scare moments in the first episode, which is more than any other series has done - despite the creator of the show not even being a fan of them. 

According to kino.de, horror veteran Mike Flanagan recently stated at New York Comic Con that he actually "hates" jump-scares and "thinks they're the worst".

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Flanagan explained that he, of all people, now holds the world record for the most jump scares:

"The notes were already coming in of, ‘time to do jump scares.’ So I thought, we’re going to do all of them at once and, if we do it right, a jump scare will be rendered meaningless for the rest of the series and we’ll just destroy it and kill it, finally, until it’s dead. But that didn’t happen. They were like, ‘Great! More of those!’"

Now that his name is in the Guinness Book of Records, he said: "As the current world record holder in jump scares, I can tell you I don't think we need one here."

This, he says, was his whole strategy behind so many scary moments in the first episode of The Midnight Club.