Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried's new movie certainly looks like it will deliver some serious scares! As People reports, the trailer for You Should Have Left gives a first look at Bacon as "Theo Conroy," a middle-aged man whose relationship with Seyfried's character— young actress "Suzanna"— is strained.

That's why the couple decides to take a trip to the Welsh countryside with their daughter "Ella" (played by Avery Essex). However, their idyllic and peaceful getaway at a secluded cabin takes a dark turn when "Theo" suspects that some sinister forces are at work, fearing that his family will be tortured and their secrets exposed.

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Bacon's "Theo" haunted by an unseen presence in new trailer

You Should Have Left establishes the intense horror atmosphere in its first trailer, which alludes to the fact that "Theo" is grappling with some inner demons.

As People mentions, Bacon's character encounters "several eerie red flags in the house throughout the Conroys’ stay, including endless light switches, stalking shadows and an anonymous note left in his journal: 'You should have left … now it’s too late.'"

At one point in the trailer, the couple's daughter "Ella" asks Seyfried's "Suzanna" a serious question. "Why do people hate daddy so much?" she wonders. "The judge and jury all found him innocent, but some people didn’t believe him," "Suzanna" replies.

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You Should Have Left sees Bacon re-team with Jurassic Park writer

You Should Have Left is based on a 2017 novella by the same name, written by German writer Daniel Kehlmann that centred on a screenwriter who rents a quiet home for a family getaway so he can focus on his work.

As People shares, the screen adaptation of the film is written and directed by David Koepp, who wrote Jurassic Park and previously worked with Bacon on 1999's Stir of EchoesYou Should Have Left will be available to watch on demand starting on June 19.

Watch the intense new trailer for You Should Have Left here!

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