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Jesse McCartney just dropped a new song, and he's got more tunes on the way... as well as a wedding to plan! The "Beautiful Soul" singer, who released his romantic and upbeat track "Yours" on Friday, recently talked to People about life, love, and music. McCartney last toured back in 2018 before taking 2019 off to focus on writing and creating songs. He says that "Yours" is a good indicator of what fans can expect from his upcoming album.

"I feel like the song represents a lot of what the rest of the project is going to sound like," he shared with People. "It’s very organic and romantic and also very reflective. It’s about my life and what it’s been like for me as a child growing up in the industry, and now being an adult and how that affected me both in positive and negative ways".

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McCartney says he feels he can be more open with new music

McCartney's song "Yours" certainly indicates a more emotionally honest side to the singer. "Yeah, I’ve been an album flop away from being done," the track sees him singing. "There’s another side of me, no one ever gets to see. I’ve been a lot of different things and different people, but my favorite thing is being yours".

He revealed to People that he feels like he's able to "let my guard down", which also translates into being more open as an artist. McCartney credits his fiancée Katie Peterson as being part of the reason he feels "a lot more settled" in life. Calling her "the muse I can put all of my romantic lyrics behind," he explains how his relationship with Peterson translates into his songwriting. 

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"I think when that component gets filled in in your life, it really allows you to sort of relax a little bit," the singer shared. "And for me, the impact that had was I was able to write. I became a better songwriter because of it. I’m more relaxed, less stressed out. I really just focused on writing great songs. A lot of that had to do with this new chapter".

McCartney on quarantine with fiancée: "we're at a standstill"

McCartney getting back into the music game is one of the big moves he's making in his life right now, but he's also preparing for a romantic milestone! That's because next spring, McCartney and his fiancée Katie Peterson, who have been together for 8 years, are set to marry. However, due to the current global situation with the coronavirus, their wedding preparations have been unexpectedly halted.

"It would be nice to be able to go do things, go to bakeries and go to restaurants and try foods," McCartney said to People. “I’m sure she wants to try on a dress. At the moment, we’re at a standstill because the whole world is shut down". McCartney even had to cancel some tour dates in Australia with The Pussycat Dolls as well as performances at colleges in the United States because of social distancing measures. 

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"It’s not a good time to be in an industry where your livelihood is based on people congregating," McCartney commented. Still, he and his fiancée are making the best of the situation, creating fun social media content such as their "The Quarantined Couple" sketches, and interacting with fans on Instagram Live. 

He also shared that he and Peterson are able to "walk around safely and get some fresh air, so we try to do that every day. Looking at nature, taking it all in, and internalizing what’s going on".

McCartney calls upcoming music "the most personal record"

McCartney revealed that over the years, his fans have motivated him to continue on with his career as a music artist. "They were almost incessant about me making new music," he told People. "It’s just a wonderful feeling to know that people applaud you and enjoy what you do. And it validates the reason I started in this industry to begin with. So I’m very, very grateful. A lot of this album actually shows some of that gratitude to the fans. We’re all growing up.”

According to McCartney, his as-of-now untitled upcoming album— which is set to be released sometime this spring— is the most introspective he's gotten with his music yet. "It's just my world and my life, both the past, the present and the future from my lens," he explains. "It’s the most personal record I’ve ever written. The most vulnerable".

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Watch the music video for Jesse McCartney's new song "Yours" here!

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