Melissa McCarthy doesn't know her own show as well as she thought she did! McCarthy was the featured guest on Wednesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she joined Clarkson in playing "Who's More Gilmore?", a game of Gilmore Girls trivia specially created for the segment. In a hilarious twist though, former Gilmore Girls star McCarthy failed at getting trivia questions about the show correct, while Clarkson knew her stuff!

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Melissa McCarthy attends the CinemaCon Warner Bros. "The Big Picture" exclusive presentation on April 2, 2019.

McCarthy did know Gilmore Girls trivia... just a different kind!

McCarthy, who played "Sookie" on the hit drama, wasn't fully up-to-date on trivia about the show itself, but she ended up revealing a tidbit of behind-the-scenes trivia! When the game's announcer asked if "Jackson" had proposed to "Sookie" in Gilmore Girls, McCarthy answered by saying "Next to Miss Pattie's out in the grass, like at a picnic". 

She then shared that since the scene was shot at a different time of day than the show called for, the set department had to get creative! "Fun fact: That was supposed to be at noon, and we shot at like one o’clock in the morning," McCarthy shared. "So we were just under like crazy klieg lights trying to make it look like daylight. So we couldn’t really look at each other because it was so bright".

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See the clip of Melissa McCarthy's hilarious Gilmore Girls trivia fail on The Kelly Clarkson Show here!