Ever since Camilla Parker Bowles married Prince Charles, we've been left to wonder if she'll one day be queen when he's king.

It's a divisive topic. Public opinion has improved some for Camilla over the years, but she's still disliked by plenty of royal fans. Even if the idea of "Queen Camilla" upsets many, it's now appearing more likely than ever.

Did Queen Elizabeth hint at new future title for Camilla?

In fact, a new development has increased Duchess Camilla's chances of becoming a queen, according to a royal expert.

Last week, Queen Elizabeth II gave Camilla a prestigious new honour: she appointed her a Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.

Camilla could still become queen when Prince Charles is king.

It's an important sign, according to royal expert Penny Junor, who says it is like "the Queen saying that she approves of Camilla."

The expert told Express that Camilla's new endorsement from Queen Elizabeth "could pave the way" for her to become queen consort when Prince Charles is king.

Until now, experts have been divided on what Camilla's title will be when her husband ascends the throne.

There's an old, often-cited statement that says Charles, Camilla and the Palace agreed she would become only "princess consort" when the day comes.

But another more recent report said Prince Charles wants his wife to be queen, and he may use his power as monarch to change any earlier agreement about the title.

In any case, Camilla appears to have proven herself in the eyes of Queen Elizabeth, and the queen consort title could eventually be hers.