• King Charles has angered some with his Coronation plans
  • Now a protest group hung a sign on the Palace gates
  • Here's what it said and what it all means

That hits close to home! King Charles III was targeted by protesters in a new demonstration outside Buckingham Palace. 

The anti-monarchy group Republic has taken credit for the act, which saw protesters hang a sign on the Palace gates. In large letters, the sign said: "POLLING STATION." 

Which is to say: The protesters believe the British people should have a say in who leads the country. Rather than the hereditary monarchy, they want an elected head of state.

King Charles motivates protesters with Coronation plans

Protests have been especially loud after King Charles took the throne following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The King also revealed plans last week for his Coronation in May. It'll be a big spectacle with concerts, parades, and parties.

Also interesting:

But protest groups are speaking out against such unnecessary spending amid cost-of-living struggles in the UK.

About the new Palace protest sign, Republic tweeted: "We just turned Buckingham Palace into a Polling Station. Do you want Charles or a choice? We need a vote, not a coronation."

It's the latest round of debates on the place of the monarchy in today's society and the future. After Charles, Prince William and then Prince George are next in line to the throne...

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