Prince Charles, "The King Of Instagram"

Due to his efforts during the lockdown, Prince Charles has earned himself a new nickname! He has been dubbed "The King of Instagram" now that he has been much more active on the social media platform. Since his first video post after his recovery from the Coronavirus, speaking about his symptoms and life in quarantine, he has posted several updates to the Clarence House Instagram amassing over hundreds of thousands of likes! 

Before, each post would gather a few tens of thousands but now his activity is getting more and more attention! Especially now that his posts are being used in a Princess Diana fashion and bringing attention to issues important to him like the environment and nature. 

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Prince Charles' biographer Penny Junor told The Australian "There are so many people who don't really get Charles, who don't know what he does. But during the coronavirus, maybe because of the lockdown, more people have seen him and listened to him than perhaps they would during normal times. The pandemic has given him a platform and he has been masterful in the way he's responded and used that platform."

Congratulations on your new title, Prince Charles!