Prince Charles will be reportedly extending his summer holidays in Scotland "for an extra week" to pursue one of his favorite hobbies while there. The Duke of Rothesay (as he's known in Scotland) and his wife Duchess Camilla have joined Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on the Balmoral estate for some relaxing time off and are back at their Birkhall residence, where they spent the majority of the lockdown during spring and early summer.

Prince Charles will reportedly extend his holidays in Scotland

According to royal photographer Tim Rooke, Prince Charles will extend his holidays in Scotland in order to pursue fly fishing, which is particularly good this year. Rooke wrote on his Twitter on Wednesday: "I may be having difficulty actually being able to photograph the royals during the pandemic. However, out walking the dogs and the Prince of Wales drove past me with fishing rods on his car. Good fishing in this part of Scotland."

And he added: "Apparently according to a local he has decided to stay up for an extra week because the fishing is so good." And the Prince of Wales is not the only member of the royal family who enjoys fly fishing. The late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was also quite fond of the sport and Prince Philip has also been known to spend long days fly fishing in the River Dee for salmon and trout.

Prince Charles loves fly fishing

Prince Charles has always been passionate about the sport and actually took over as the patron of the Salmon and Trout Association from his grandmother a while back. When they were younger, Prince William and Prince Harry were also taught fishing by their father while they were on the Balmoral estate.

On his way to Balmoral, the Prince of Wales took a detour to give a "morale boost" to health workers, as he visited Caithness General Hospital in Wick on Friday and thanked the staff for all their dedication and hard work in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, he has some time to relax and enjoy the time at Birkhall. And an extra week of fly fishing does not seem like the worst reason for Prince Charles to extend his holidays in Scotland!

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