• Prince George has an important new role
  • It is for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee
  • His great-grandmother celebrates this spring

In 2022, the Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee. She has been the head of the UK for a proud 70 years, and there are big plans to celebrate the accomplishment. In addition to parades and ceremonies, the Brits even get a four-day weekend.

With all the events, the members of the Royal Family have lots to do. And this doesn't just apply to adults. As expert Nigel Cawthorne tells Love Sunday, even Queen Elizabeth's great-grandchildren will play a part.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee: A big day for Prince George

The expert said: "I think we're going to see Her Majesty's grandchildren really step up this year and her great-grandchildren, especially George, will be up front and heavily involved in the celebrations."

Cawthorne is also sure the celebrations for the Queen will be very emotional. "The Queen will be experiencing a whole gamut of emotions – everything from grieving her husband and remembering her father, to feeling pride towards all that she and her family have achieved," he said.

Also interesting:

So the Queen already seems to be counting on Prince George. After all, the 8-year-old will one day be King, and he's already preparing for the role. The Platinum Jubilee celebrations are a good opportunity to let the prince practice in public.

Duchess Kate and Prince William are careful not to draw their children too much into the public eye and rarely take them to appointments these days.

But in the spring the whole family will celebrate alongside Queen Elizabeth II. The great-grandchildren won't want to miss that one.