Prince William has now been confronted about the Prince Andrew scandal. 

William's uncle is facing a sexual assault lawsuit, but he and wife Duchess Kate were back today for their first engagement of 2022. One reporter, however, had tougher questions in mind during the museum visit.

Prince William asked about Prince Andrew scandal: Video

At the Foundling Museum, a Sky News reporter approached Prince William and asked: "Your royal highness, can I just ask, if you support Prince Andrew?"

Prince William, who was walking, leaned in and replied: "Sorry? I can't hear you." The reporter repeated: "Do you support Prince Andrew?"

Prince William then recoiled and waved a dismissive hand. Behind his mask, he appeared to mutter a few words — perhaps something like "No comment" — but it's difficult to make out.

A woman then stepped in between and said they're leaving. To no avail, the reporter again asked: "Have you spoken to him recently?"

William and Kate then departed. Another woman was heard apologizing to the Duchess as they left. "Very rude," she said.

Prince Andrew is facing a lawsuit for the alleged sexual assault of a minor. Last week, a judge refused to dismiss the case and it will go to trial later this year.

The next day, Queen Elizabeth II stripped her son of his royal privileges, and he will face the trial as a private citizen.

Prince William's father Prince Charles was similarly confronted about the scandal last week. And the moment had a similar conclusion: Prince Charles also ignored the question.

The royals are likely instructed to not comment on an ongoing legal matter, but the press appears set on holding them accountable.