Queen Elizabeth II was recently welcomed back to her summer home in style! As Hello! shares, the royal found herself receiving a special military welcome at Balmoral on Monday, where she arrived last month shortly after it closed to visitors.

Queen Elizabeth II looks pretty in pink as she steps out at Balmoral

Queen Elizabeth II's ceremonial welcome was observed by royal fans from afar. The 5 SCOTS Balaklava Company and the Royal Regiment of Scotland were on hand to welcome the queen, who wore a beautiful floral dress along with a bright pink coat and hat. Commander of the Royal Regiment, Major Cameron Law, also made an appearance.

There was also a special non-human guest in attendance as the queen was welcomed to her Scottish estate! A Shetland pony named Lance Corporal Cruachan IV was seen at the event. As Hello! mentions, Cruachan IV is the mascot of the Royal Regiment and has been in the monarch's attendance several times.

Queen Elizabeth II during an inspection of the Balaklava Company at the gates at Balmoral on August 9, 2021.

Queen Elizabeth II was also treated to a traditional musical performance. Musicians from the 3 SCOTS played the pipes and drummed while the queen was greeted by the Royal Regiment. Pomp and circumstance aside, her arrival was also bittersweet, seeing as it is her first summer at Balmoral without Prince Philip.

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