• Queen Elizabeth is back in action
  • Rumours have said she's in a wheelchair
  • The Queen used a walking stick at her event

Queen Elizabeth has made a rare new appearance. The 95-year-old was beaming as she hosted an engagement at Windsor Castle on Thursday.

The Queen did use a walking stick during the event, but not a wheelchair. It came after several reports suggested the Queen has been relying on a wheelchair to get around.

Queen Elizabeth is back and not in a wheelchair

The Queen's health has been a worry in recent months. She recently admitted to having mobility issues, and it's common to see her with a walking stick. But the monarch appeared in a great mood as she inspected artefacts from the Halcyon Days company.

The Queen used a walking stick at her new event

Reports this week suggested the Queen has begun using a wheelchair, and that she even had a wheelchair lift installed at one of her homes in Scotland. However, a source claimed to the Daily Mail that the Queen is very opposed to being seen in the chair.

Also interesting:

For some time now, Queen Elizabeth hasn't been spotted outside of Windsor Castle, her new permanent home. But she does have an important event coming up which she hopes to attend.

She'd have to travel to London in a few days if she's well enough for the Prince Philip memorial service. Her late husband will be honoured at Westminster Abbey in London on Tuesday.