• Queen Elizabeth recently had COVID-19
  • She has withdrawn from Commonwealth Day
  • The Queen asked Prince Charles to take over

Commonwealth Day will have a whole new look this year.

On the holiday, the Royal Family is always well represented at Westminster Abbey and led by Queen Elizabeth. Commonwealth Day 2022 is this Monday, March 14, but the 95-year-old Queen cancelled on the ceremony today.

Queen Elizabeth will miss Commonwealth Day

Enter Prince Charles. A Palace statement today announced that Queen Elizabeth "asked" the heir to the throne to represent her at Commonwealth Day 2022.

"The Queen will continue with other planned engagements, including in person Audiences, in the week ahead," the statement says. It goes on to confirm Prince Charles will be joined there by Duchess Camilla, Princess Alexandra, Duchess Kate, and Prince William, after his Ukraine comment controversy.

But the Queen won't be the only absence. Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, recently tested positive for COVID-19, so he and his wife will also skip the Monday service.

Also interesting:

So it will be a slimmed-down royal presence on Commonwealth Day. But the Queen will share her traditional Commonwealth Day message.

After her recent case of COVID-19, Queen Elizabeth was back in action this week. But events outside of Windsor Castle might be too much for her at the moment.