On Tuesday, June 16, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, and Prince William all made their returns to public royal duties.

As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions have eased in the U.K., royal watchers have been left to wonder when the Queen will make her reappearance on the public stage. 

But a report shared with The Sunday Times has cautioned against hopes that Her Majesty will soon re-enter public duties.

"The Queen won't do anything which goes against the advice of people in her [age] category, and she's going to take all the appropriate advice.

"There are discussions what we could do and couldn't do come October," a royal insider told The Times.

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As People reports, it's also unlikely that the Queen will transfer to Buckingham Palace in the immediate future. With eyes on her October calendar, Windsor Castle appears to be Her Majesty's residence for the coming months.

Queen Elizabeth II to remain in lockdown at Windsor Castle

But the 94-year-old monarch has otherwise kept busy at Windsor Castle, and will reportedly continue with that schedule.

"The Queen continues to be busy and will follow appropriate advice on engagements," a Buckingham Palace spokesperson added in a statement released to multiple publications.

She speaks with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a weekly basis, and has continued with paperwork at her office. Moreover, she's provided statements for royal-endorsed events and even made her Zoom call debut last week as part of Carers' Week 2020.

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Royal Family, minus the Queen, steps out post-COVID-19 lockdown

On Tuesday, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla stepped out in Gloucestershire to greet hospital staff. The same morning, Prince William visited paramedic staff in Norfolk.

On these occasions, the royals observed strict social distancing guidelines. Up next on the schedule, the Prince of Wales will host French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday at Clarence House to mark the 80th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle's "Appel."

But a return to public engagements for the 94-year-old Queen will need to wait, as Buckingham Palace closely follows the protocols of the U.K. government and health professionals.