• Camilla Parker Bowles is the future queen of Great Britain
  • Her first marriage to Andrew Parker wouldn't be her last
  • Their marriage was never truly a great romance

But Queen Elizabeth's son wasn't the only one who married for the second time in his life. Same as Charles, Camilla was also married before. In fact, she had a longer marriage than Charles' first with Princess Diana. It was in 1973 when Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles, who is now a retired British naval officer.

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Duchess Camilla And Andrew Parker Bowles' Love Will Remain In The History Books

Royal Ascot 2021

At the time, Camilla already knew Prince Charles. Even so, she decided to marry Andrew, with whom she had a long relationship and with whom she even had two children. The first was Tom Parker Bowles, born in 1974 while Laura Parker Bowles was born in 1978. In 1981 the Prince of Wales married Princess Diana and Camilla attended the wedding as a guest.

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