• Prince Charles will one day become king of Britain
  • There is a 10-day process for Charles' accession
  • Charles will attend several services across the UK

Even if nobody longs for the day to come, one day it will— Queen Elizabeth II will leave us and Prince Charles will ascend the throne. This milestone in the British monarchy is well thought out in advance, with the course of the days after the queen's death planned.

Plans for Queen Elizabeth II's death already in place

Again and again, these plans are made public. Recently, the "Politico" portal published a document that explains how the first few days will be for Charles. According to this, the new king will speak to the people on the evening of the anniversary of his mother's death at 6 PM or at the latest on the following day, depending on the time of her death.

Before that, he will have a conversation with the Prime Minister, who is said to be one of the first people to be informed of the queen's death by the her private secretary. The first day after the so-called "D-Day" begins at 10 a.m. with the "Accession Council," the council for accession to the throne, who proclaims Charles as the new king in St. James' Palace. On the second day after Elizabeth's death, her coffin is to be brought to Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Anne on 01/09/2018.

Prince Charles to embark on UK tour the following week

On day three, a journey through the United Kingdom will begin for Charles. In the morning, he'll receive condolences in Westminster Hall before he sets off for Scotland. In Edinburgh he will meet with the Scottish Parliament and attends a service at St Giles Cathedral. The following day he'll travel to Northern Ireland, where he will receive condolences at Hillsborough Castle and attend the service at St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast. 

Nothing is planned for Charles while the queen's coffin is being taken to Palace of Westminster, which will also be open to the public for a few days. Only on day seven will he travel to Wales to receive condolences and attend a service as he has done in Scotland and Northern Ireland, this time at Liandaff Cathedral in Cardiff. Meanwhile, preparations for the queen's funeral will be underway in London and Windsor.

Also interesting:

The state funeral will take place on the tenth day after her death, which will of course not only be attended by Charles, but by the entire royal family. Thus ends the ten-day plan, also called "Operation London Bridge" or "Operation Spring Tide" in relation to Charles' accession to the throne.