Netflix only released the new series Lupin a few weeks ago, but it's already getting rave reviews! The show is based on a series of popular French novels written by Maurice Leblanc, which chronicle the adventures of the infamous criminal "Arsène Lupin".

While the first of Leblanc's novels was released in 1905, George Kay and François Uzan have created a contemporary take on the story with their new Netflix series! Set in modern-day Paris, Lupin focuses on "Assane Diop", a young man who draws inspiration to avenge his wrongfully accused father from gentleman thief "Arsène".

Lupin reviews discuss effectiveness of its modernity 

Since the show brings its source material into the 21st century for the first time, many outlets have talked about Netflix's unique approach to the story! The Guardian's review of Lupin calls the series "a refreshing twist on an old-fashioned character."

While there have been adaptations of Leblanc's work before, Forbes offers a great explanation of the significance of Lupin's modernity! The outlet explains that the show "places this well-known story of the gentleman thief within today’s society, highlighting the persistence of racial prejudices."

Lupin reviews discuss the show's clever writing

Critics have also acknowledged the cleverness of the show's writing! "It has so many twists and turns along the way," Decider said in their review of Lupin's first episode, "that we imagine the writers had one of those pin-and-string boards up in the writers’ room to make sure they covered all their bases." Ultimately, the outlet didn't consider the show's convoluted nature a detriment, deeming it "eminently watchable". 

Famous film critic Roger Ebert reviewed Lupin on his website, commenting on how the show "is as patient as it is smart, and its plot twists like melted railroad tracks." Ebert even drew comparisons between the show and its protagonist, saying that gentleman thief "Assane" is "as wily as the show’s writing."

Omar Sy in 'Lupin'

Lupin reviews talk about its drama and intrigue

Another key element of Lupin that critics have frequently commented on is the show's effectiveness within its genre as a crime series. Since the Netflix series is billed as a heist drama, viewers are of course going to expect lots of exciting and tense moments!

The Guardian says the show doesn't disappoint in this department, characterizing it as having "the verve of Ocean’s Eleven with the thrilling implausibility and cultural lore of the first National Treasure." As well, a review from The Young Folks suggests that anyone who's "into thievery, mystery, and an excellent slice-of-life drama" will enjoy Lupin!

Lupin has also been generally well-received on popular film and television websites! Currently, it sits at a critical rating of 7.6/10 on "Rotten Tomatoes," nearly comparable to its 7.7 out of 10 stars on IMDb.   

And while Part 1 of Lupin is only 5 episodes long, Netflix has shared that Part 2 is on the way, set to be released on the streaming service at some point this year!

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