Season 4 of the hit series The Crown is about to premiere on Netflix and it will also portray some of the tensest moments in the recent history of the British monarchy. Through a short trailer, the Netflix series thrilled its fans with scenes that present key moments in the relationship between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, as well as the rise to power of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Watch the final trailer for season 4 of The Crown below. 

Netflix presents the final trailer for season 4 of The Crown

Through its social networks, Netflix presented the final trailer for season 4 of The Crown, which will address the events that hit the royal family in the last three decades of the 20th century.

In the preview of just a minute and a half, you can see important moments that detail the relationship between Prince Charles and the young Diana Spencer, who soon after would become the "People's Princess".

The fragmentation that existed between Queen Elizabeth II and her family, especially her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, and her sister, Princess Margaret, can also be noted.

The spectacular new cast of season 4 of The Crown

Although we knew that Olivia Colman would return for the last time with her fantastic portrayal of the Queen, accompanied by the brilliant Josh O'Connor in his role as Prince Charles, season 4 of The Crown also introduced new members to its cast.

Emma Corrin in a scene from the series 'The Crown'

Perhaps the two most interesting are Emma Corrin, who will play Princess Diana in her first years of contact with royalty, and Gillian Anderson, who leaves behind her role as a mother in Sex Education to become the historic Margaret Thatcher, leader of the British government who was known as "the iron lady".

Season 4 of The Crown will premiere on Netflix on November 15.