Shonda Rhimes has had several thoughts about a potential ending for Grey's Anatomy, but none of them have come to fruition! The creator of the hit medical drama recently opened up to Variety about where she sees the series going in the future, admitting that she currently isn't sure what the finale will look like.

Rhimes says she's written Grey's ending "at least eight times"

Rhimes told the outlet that while she has attempted to wrap up Grey's Anatomy on multiple occasions, the ideas she envisioned as potential series finales have ended up leading into more episodes. She revealed that there's been "at least eight times" the show could have come to a close. Seeing as its eighteenth season began airing in September though, these initial plans clearly changed.

As Rhimes mentioned, she still has "full responsibility" when it comes to making the executive decision about when the show will end. However, she mentioned that showrunner Krista Vernoff might get to decide how it concludes. Vernoff took over from Rhimes in 2017, and her involvement is yet another reason why the future of Grey's Anatomy has not been set in stone. That's because as Rhimes said, she "handed off all the reins entirely" regarding the creative end of things.

Screenwriter Shonda Rhimes with actress Ellen Pompeo 2015

Rhimes told Variety that several years ago, she would have been more sure of how the show's final moments will play out. As of now though, it is uncertain if season 18 will be the last for the hit medical drama, or if another season is on the way. Earlier this year, Ellen Pompeo — who currently stars as "Meredith Grey" on Grey's Anatomy — shared her hope that the show will have "a nice ending" that honours the characters as well as the fans.