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'The Crown': Netflix Refuses "Fiction" Label Amid Season 4 Outrage

The Crown: Netflix Refuses "Fiction" Label Amid Season 4 Outrage

Despite outrage over The Crown season 4, Netflix has "no plans" to add a disclaimer clarifying that the show is fiction. The streamer has released a statement answering the critics, arguing that viewers "understand it's a work of fiction that's broadly based on historical events." Notable voices who spoke out against the season included Charles Spencer and UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden.

Netflix has heard the noise from The Crown detractors — but no "fiction" disclaimer will be added to the drama about the Royal Family.

In a new statement, the streamer said it has "no plans" to add such a label before episodes because viewers understand the show is a dramatization. Netflix responded after a range of critics called out fabrications in The Crown season 4 and expressed concerns about audiences interpreting the historical drama as "fact."

The Crown: Netflix says no to fiction disclaimer

Deadline reported the following statement from Netflix, answering the critics of The Crown season 4: "We have always presented The Crown as a drama – and we have every confidence our members understand it's a work of fiction that's broadly based on historical events. As a result we have no plans – and see no need – to add a disclaimer."

The new season premiered on Nov. 15, after which a range of critics spoke out against the show's portrayal of British history. These figures included UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, who personally requested a disclaimer be added, over fears that viewers "may mistake fiction for fact." Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer voiced a similar opinion and had personally rejected the show's request to film in his family's home.

The Crown season 4: How the Royal Family and cast responded

Prince William, meanwhile, was reportedly "furious" at the season, which chronicled the relationship of his parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, along with the Prince of Wales's affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Diana's struggles with an eating disorder were also portrayed in the season, but episodes with such scenes opened with a disclaimer that warned of the subject matter and provided resources related to the disorder.

The Crown season 4: Netflix rejects "fiction" disclaimer calls.

British actress Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret in seasons 3-4) had also agreed with the calls for a "fiction" disclaimer to be added, saying there is a "moral responsibility" for the show and how it represents history. Fallout of the new season included a revived wave of hatred directed toward Charles and Camilla, who were forced to close commenting on their Twitter page because of attacks and trolls.