Gal Gadot has discovered a newfound love for Taco Bell, and it's all thanks to Jimmy Fallon! As People shares, the Israeli actress was a guest on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show, where she talked about her upcoming movie Wonder Woman 1984 and had the opportunity to taste test some popular American fare!

Gadot samples tacos and eggnog with mixed results

Gadot tried several different foods Fallon had provided her with during a fun segment on the show called "Taste Buds," and ended up having a clear favourite! "This is the best so far," she enthused after her first taste of a taco from American fast food chain Taco Bell. "Flavorful. It's salty. Different textures. It's really good — I'm going to have another bite."

However, it also turned out there's one thing from the menu that the Wonder Woman actress ended up not liking much at all— eggnog! "It's very thick. I don't want to hurt the [eggnog] people's feelings," Gadot said of the classic holiday drink with a laugh. "It's not great."

Gal Gadot 

Gadot has Fallon try Israeli cuisine for the first time

Gadot wasn't the only one exposed to some new foods, as the segment also gave Fallon the opportunity to try offerings from the actress's home country of Israel! "Just shove it in already! Don't think about it too much," the actress encouraged Fallon when he hesitated to take a bite of gefilte fish.

While he was at first skeptical of the dish, saying that it "looks like floating balls," Fallon ended up enjoying it more than expected! "Not bad, I like it," the talk show host admitted once he'd tried the gefilte fish— which, as People shares, is "a poached mixture of ground, deboned fish in a jar."

While Gadot's latest movie Wonder Woman 1984 was originally supposed to come out this summer, the coronavirus pandemic ended up causing it to be delayed several times before a Christmas Day release was finally announced. Still, fans are excited that they'll be able to see the superhero sequel in theatres and homes before 2020 is over!

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