Ever since they starred alongside each other in the 1983 mini series The Thorn Birds, Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown have been Australian film royalty. 2019 marks the year in which they are again working together on the comedy drama Palm Beach, but in different roles this time. Rachel Ward is actually now the one directing her husband, who stars as "Frank" in the heartwarming story about family, friendship and the heartache that come with both.

Palm Beach stars Bryan Brown and his daughter Matilda

Rachel Ward recently talked about the film on Channel 7's The Great Day Out: "It's about a group of friends who’ve known each other for a very long time. In fact, they were in a band together when they were in their twenties and they’ve remained very close friends, and they come together for a milestone birthday. And a secret is unravelled..."

As a director, Ward wanted to target her own demographic that is in the final third of their life, whom she finds are often overlooked: "You kind of start to feel a little bit invisible. One of the things that we very much wanted to do with this film was to capture that demographic, and to make an aspirational film."

Palm Beach: Watch the trailer here

The cast of Palm Beach also include Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant, Golden Globe nominee Sam Neill and Matilda Brown, one of Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown's beautiful children.