Charles Spencer has just shared the good news. While the anniversary of his beloved sister Princess Diana's death is usually a difficult time, this year he has some good news to celebrate.

Charles Spencer Wins Legal Battle

Charles Spencer had been pleading for an investigation into the BBC and interviewer Martin Bashir for their hand in the controversial Panorama interview that Prince William and Prince Harry believed dismantled their mother's life. It wasn't until Charles wrote a public letter to the BBC that an investigation was finally made and the findings were astounding.

Martin Bashir speaks out after investigation of 1995 Princess Diana interview.

Both Prince William and Harry admonished the BBC and Martin Bashir for their cruel actions including forging bank documents and abortion receipts to get Diana to distrust her own nanny. It was after talking with Bashir that Diana rid herself of all of her security and isolated herself even more and her psyche plummeted into paranoia. 

Martin Bashir had claimed no forged documents were shown to Diana until after the interview took place but Charles Spencer and countless others disputed this claim as Martin showed the documents to Charles first to get him to trust him and introduce him to Diana. It was this that led to the interview seen around the world. 

The Times then made a cruel claim, putting the blame on swindled Charles. In an article titled "It's Too Simple To Blame Everything On Bashir" The Times claimed Charles did not protect his sister from the controversial and "deceitful" reporter.

Charles Spencer publica emotiva foto junto a Lady Di a 26 años de su muerte  

They also wrote that because Earl Spencer did not protect Princess Dian, this contributed to her sudden death in 1997. They wrote that after her divorce from Prince Charles and her abandonment by the Crown, Charles failed to provide her a safe home when she needed it. This was ultimately purely speculation as Charles Spencer had in fact provided housing options for his sister and did everything he could to protect her.

Charles wrote on Twitter, "Today, for the third time, a 'paper has been forced by the Law to apologise for lying about me "depriving Diana of a home". The guilty journalist this time? Janice Turner - aka ⁦@VictoriaPeckham⁩ of ⁦@thetimes⁩ Yellow journalism.

The Times wrote a small correction that stated they "wrongly stated that Earl Spencer had refused to assist Diana, Princess of Wales, with the offer of a house after the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles." 

After losing the battle in court they admitted they agreed to pay Earl Spencer's legal costs and are making a payment to him that Charles will be donating to a charity that meant a lot to his sister. He responded to many Twitter comments including one who said they hope The Times are paying a great fine to which Charles replied, "They're haggling, of course. No real shame."

He also won a similar battle against Daily Mail that printed he acted in an "unbrotherly, heartless and callous way" after her divorce from the Prince of Wales. 

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