Prince William (36) and his wife Catherine (37) are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. However, this will change when Queen Elizabeth II (92) dies. Prince William will automatically move up one position in the line of succession to the British throne. 

His father Prince Charles (70) will become the king of England and Prince William the direct heir to the throne. 

Duchess Catherine and Prince William at Wimbledon 2018

Duchess Catherine will become the Duchess of Cornwall

Charles currently holds the titles Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall. When he is king, his second title would automatically be inherited by his son Prince William. The 36-year-old father of three will then be the new Duke of Cornwall. Catherine, as his wife, will automatically become Duchess of Cornwall.

However, even more titles will automatically be bestowed upon Prince William and Duchess Catherine, who looked very loved up at the Men's Finals at Wimbledon this year. Prince Charles will pass on the Scottish titles Duke of Rothesay, Count of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland to his first-born son.

Prince Charles could declare William Prince of Wales

Two of Charles' titles will not simply be passed on to the new heir to the throne though. The titles Earl of Chester and Prince of Wales are not inheritable and must must be officially conferred.

Seventy-year-old Prince Charles was not appointed Prince of Wales until 1958, although he had been heir to the throne since 1952. He was not even officially inaugurated until 1969.

Prince William will have to be patient after the death of the Queen!

Will Duchess Catherine be the new Princess of Wales?

The title is never bestowed upon women. That means that the Queen was never Princess of Wales. Duchess Catherine, however, would not be affected by this tradition, since the title would not be awarded to her, but to her husband William.

So, when William does eventually receive the title Prince of Wales, Catherine will automatically become the Princess of Wales, just as Princess Diana (†36) did.

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