The 2019 Royal Variety Performance, hosted by comedians Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett, aired last night on ITV. The show was filmed on November 18th at the London Palladium - Duchess Catherine and Prince William were pictured in glamorous outfits and were all smiles as they attended the performance.

Royal Variety Performance: Host made jokes about the royal children

But when watching the show on Tuesday night, one could actually conclude that some of the smiles and laughs from the royal couple were a little bit forced, as the two hosts made some jokes about Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Ranganathan addressed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and joked: "Like me you're blessed with three beautiful children. I reckon every morning they come running into your bedroom and you look at their little faces and say, 'I regret this'."

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Prince William and his wife seemed to take it all in stride, as they were filmed laughing. Co-host Rob Beckett joined in with another joke:

"Thank you for coming out tonight. You're on date night. That's exciting. You got the babysitter until midnight or 1am? It's worth that extra 20 quid."

Royal Variety Performance: The hosts were "painfully awful"

While the royal couple put on a brave face, many viewers of the Royal Variety Performance truly felt for William and Catherine. 

One of the comments on the web read: "Poor Kate and William....for having to sit through one of the poorest Royal Variety Shows I've ever seen." Another viewer pitied "Wills & Kate for having to force laughter for these 2 idiots," while another one called it "painfully awful".

Probably not the reviews the two comedians were hoping for - other acts included songs by Robbie Williams and a performance by the cast of the West End musical Mary Poppins.