• Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are making TV shows with Netflix
  • They have a top-secret project set to debut soon
  • Is it a reality show? A documentary? And more controversy

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have a Netflix series on the way. And as you might expect, the show has caused controversy even before its premiere!

Time to catch up on the drama: Here's everything we know so far about Harry and Meghan's top-secret Netflix show.

All about Harry and Meghan's Netflix series

Dating back to 2021, the royal couple has been working with Netflix on an undisclosed number of docuseries.

The only one confirmed so far is about Prince Harry's Invictus Games, said to be titled Heart of Invictus.

However, it's believed that Harry and Meghan also have a personal documentary coming soon, which filmed inside their home and followed them on recent travels.

Yahoo! News UK describes the series as: "Cameras following them around for a show on their life since quitting the Royal Family."

Meghan also told Variety that the show will tell "our story," and it's being directed by filmmaker Liz Garbus. So, a Harry and Meghan reality show then...?

Release date controversy for Harry, Meghan and Netflix

Where it gets complicated. The series was supposed to debut in December 2022. But Deadline reported that Netflix delayed it to 2023 after backlash against their other royal project The Crown.

The series is also thought to have filmed before the death of Queen Elizabeth II – which has sparked rumours that Harry allegedly wants to edit some of the content.

Also interesting:

Meanwhile, Netflix has refused to confirm anything at all about the project. But it still looks like Harry and Meghan's series should arrive in late 2022 or early 2023.

Expect royal drama soon. Prince Harry's memoir Spare will also debut in early 2023.