• The Queen turned 96 this Thursday
  • A never-before-seen photo was posted to Twitter
  • The Queen was just 2 years old in the photo

It might be strange to think of the powerful Queen as a little toddler, but the Royal Twitter page is reminding us of a time 94 years ago when Queen Elizabeth was just a sweet little babe! 

The Royal family is celebrating Queen Elizabeth

The photo shared showed a 2-year-old Elizabeth resting her face in her hands with a chubby and adorable smile! While we're used to seeing Queen Elizabeth serene and making major decisions for the world, the throwback pic warmed our hearts and reminds us there was a time when she was just a playful child!

"Happy Birthday Your Majesty!" the account captioned the photo. The Queen had some health scares this year, and after losing her husband, Prince Philip in 2021, a lot has changed for the matriarch.

Robert Hardman, the author of the newest biography detailing the Queen's life, spoke with the Washington Post about who she is and shared a sweet tidbit.

"She’s a bit too practical to be a complete optimist, but she’s definitely someone who tries to extract positives from whatever situation she’s in," they said.

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As for the Queen's future, and the buzz of Prince Charles taking over the throne, Hardman says that there is "absolutely no question" on whether or not she will step down or retire.

"I think in recent weeks or months, she does look more vulnerable. And really, it almost looks sort of unkind to expect her to carry on doing these things. But she loves doing it. And I think as long as she loves doing it, and she’s capable of doing it, she will," he said to the news outlet.

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