For the first time ever

The Queen Invites You To Picnic At The Palace Gardens This Summer

The Queen Opens Buckingham Palace Gardens For Picnics In 2021

Buckingham Palace is set to begin reopening to the public this month, and they have an exciting new offer for fans. In the summer, for the first time ever, visitors can book self-guided tours of the Palace gardens and have picnics on the Palace lawns. It's big news after annual tours of the Queen and Prince Philip's residence in London were cancelled in 2020.

The royals are giving fans another reason to look forward to the summer.

Today, the Royal Collection Trust announced that tours of Buckingham Palace will resume this spring and summer after having been cancelled for 2020. The annual touring of the Queen's home also returns with a new first: the opportunity to picnic at the Palace gardens.

Queen allows picnics at Buckingham Palace gardens in 2021

On Instagram, the RCT confirmed the unique new offer at the Palace starting in the summer. "Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to picnic on the Palace lawns," the charity writes. This self-guided tour runs July 9 through Sept. 19 and promises "unique access" to visitors.

Guided tours of the Palace's State Rooms also resume in May, while guided tours of the gardens (without picnics) start on April 17 when the Palace begins reopening later this month.

The Queen & Prince Philip's home resumes spring tours

Buckingham Palace is normally the home of the monarch, but Queen Elizabeth II has spent the pandemic era primarily at Windsor Castle, where she remains today. After his hospital stay earlier this year, Prince Philip also returned to Windsor last month.

Palace tours usually commence when the Queen is on her annual summer holiday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The 94-year-old monarch was herself seen at a rare new public engagement last month, and the royals shared new pictures of the Queen and Prince Charles over the Easter weekend.